Welcome to Brett's Bathtub Resurfacing Co.

 Established Since 2009 


We  are proud to serve all communities as a reputable and professional  Bathtub Rusarfcing and refinishing company, working with the residents  of the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

We offer nothing but the best, high quality Bathtub Refinishing work at a  very competitive price. We also offer a 5 year warranty on every single  tub we provide our services on against peeling and workmanship.

Refinishing your Bathtub instead of Replacing can you save you literally, hundreds of dollars. 

If  you are remodeling or upgrading your bathroom, resurfacing your bathtub  can offer a very inexpensive alternative to replacement. Bathtubs and  showers can be resurfaced in different colors to match any home decor.

Bathtub Refinishing contractors all agree that homeowners are finding it  more economical to Refinish instead of replacing. You can purchase a  new Bathtub at any home improvement store for less than $300 however the  reality is, when you start to factor in all the overhead and additional  costs associated like demolition, structural repairs, plumbing and tile  contractor, you're looking at a Bathtub costing you more than $2,000.

By doing some diligent research and hiring a professional who  specializes in the concentrated details and work involved in  refinishing, it could end up saving you just about 70% versus the cost  of replacing

The process involves applying a polyurethane coating to your existing  fixture in order to enhance or renew the look of that fixture. This  process if done properly will breathe new life into that bathtub and  save you the gruesome cost of replacing it completely. Also, one of the  best things about this process is the bathtub does not need to be  removed, it is an on-site project. Most professionals are aware that  they are in someone's private residence, so they take precautions to  minimize mess